Monday, 24 August 2009

Booked with Shamu!

12:30pm on the 11th of October, all booked and paid for. :D Just need to wait a week or two to book the breakfast with Spiderman and all meals are sorted!

Friday, 21 August 2009

Passport sent!

Finally, with less than 7 weeks to go now!

Paid with my fairfx card so I now have $1900 on it, with just the car to get. I'm going to add everything I can to the card over the next few weeks, no more chips or stuff I don't need for a few weeks now. I really wanted to get to $3000 but I don't think that will happen now so I'm just going to put on as much as possible!

I'll be fine with money though as I'm not spending so much on food now, and I get about $500 while I'm out there so that will bring me up to $2400 straight away, plus anything else I put on from now, excluding the $500 odd that the car payment will be of course!

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Cut backs...

I've cut some ADR's off my list. I had far too many and it was going to cost me a fortune. I'll save around $600 taking 5 ADR's off!

I'm now no longer booked at Sci-fi, Crystal Palace, Boma, Le Cellier or 'Ohana's.

I did really want to try Le Cellier, especially because it's so hard to get and I got a really good time, but it's one of the most expensive of the lot so had to get rid. Next time. :)

I'll post my new, and final, itinerary later.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Hit a few snags!

Knew it would happen!

Firstly, I've still not got my passport yet, or paid for my car. This will all have to come off my fairfx card :S

I've had a lot of unexpected bills and payments, which I've had to use my fairfx card too so I only have £2040 on my card now. Still not bad really.

I haven't been working much over the past few weeks either which hasn't helped so I need to work my butt off to save as much spends as possible.

Also, the Sofitel hotel we're staying at the night before will have the monorail closed at the time we're there. Not a major deal, we can get a short bus ride to the airport, but hopping on the monorail straight to our terminal within minutes was one of the reasons I booked the Sofitel in the first place.

So I've got $2040 on my card. $150 will be for the passport. The car money will be going onto the fairfx card anyway over the next few weeks so won't be eating into my current spending money. I still want $3000, which means I'll have to save up £800 in 8 weeks!! Not sure if I can manage that but I'll try my hardest!!