Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Forgot to say...

The reservation system has changed so I now have to ring 90 days in advance rather than 180, which is on the 7th of July. It gives me more time to save up and make sure I'll have enough spending money for all the ADR's we want.

There's also talk that the new online booking system will be up before then, so I'll have to see if that will be better, or whether I should still ring. I might do both!


I've paid £1815 so far! That's shocking! I've come so far already, I can do this. :D

£25 to the tickets today (I'm actually on track with them), and £20 to the travel agents. It should have been £30 for the last few weeks but I've not managed that which is why I'm behind. If I want to get back on track I need to start paying more, as much as I can.

I now have £850 left for the holiday, £235 for the tickets, totalling just £1085!

Although.....I just couldn't resist adding something onto the tickets! I'm not including that in the total cost as I don't know whether I can afford it or not. If not I can cancel it. If I can then great, it'll be amazing.

I've not told the kids what we're doing just in case, but here's what I've added to my attraction tickets direct ticket order (much cheaper than the site I'm about to link to).

Swim with manatees!

I'll replace the second day at Seaworld for this. I did say I didn't know whether we were going to go again, and we should be able to see everything we want at Seaworld in one day, so we don't even lose a day, plus we get the food included with the swim/snorkelling so it'll save about $100 that day for our food alone. :D

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Need to catch up!

I'm getting behind now. This month has been awful with money, my car has needed a lot to fix it and still needs some more, bills are madness...just a very bad month for money right now.

So I'm behind. Not the end of the world, after today I'm still about £50 under. I have paid £50 today meaning I have £1130 total left to pay. £260 for the tickets and £870 to the travel agents. I've paid £1220 so far towards the holiday and £550 for the tickets, making £1770! I can't believe I've managed even that.

Looking at the balances seperately makes it easier to see the end!

61% of the way there!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Payment, ticker and pics of a few restaurants.

£18 paid today to round off the numbers! £1720 paid so far in total. £260 left on tickets, £920 left on the holiday making £1180 left to pay in total!

Also, I've been having a look online for pictures of the places I want to eat, so I'll post them here.

Cafe stoo-pendous in Universal's Islands of Adventure.

Dine with Shamu!

Sci-fi theatre restaurant in Disney Hollywood Studios.

Cinderella's Royal Table in the Castle in Magic Kingdom.

Mel's Drive-in in Universal Studios.

POP Century food court.

Disney Quest in Downtown Disney.

Donald's Safari breakfast in Tusker house in Animal Kingdom.

T-Rex in Downtown Disney.

Teppan Edo in Japan in Epcot.

Coral Reef in Epcot.

Boma in Animal Kingdom Lodge.

There are more places to eat but I couldn't find any decent pictures of them tonight! I can't wait to take some myself!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Forgot to say...

Paid travel agents £20 today, making £920 left to pay them. Along with the £278 left to pay for the tickets, the amount paid so far is £1702, meaning the grand total left to pay is £1198!

It's going so quickly! I can't wait to make my last payments!

Got to get back on track...

According to my calcualtions, I'm £23 behind schedule. Last week was a very skint week with all the months bills coming out at once. So I've got to try to add on £23 to my payment plan this month to even it out and get back on track by the end of the month hopefully.

Still, the plan I worked out was made to allow weeks like this every month and still get paid up in plenty of time, so although I'm behind on MY payments, I'm actually well and truly ahead according to the due date.

I could go a whole month without paying a penny and still be ahead, although I won't have as much spending money then, so I' m going to stick with it as closely as I can.

I feel weird going into the travel agents to give them such a small amount, but if it'll get me back on track, I'll be happy to give them small change whenever I have some left over at the end of each day. It alls adds up, and that £23 should be paid off in no time!