Saturday, 26 September 2009

12 days to go!

$1350 on my card now making $1500 in total. Not so bad really. I have pretty much everything sorted now. I have packed a lot of things (not permanently, just in the case so I know what to take, still need washing again and ironing before we go), got all the documents I need, confirmed the Sofitel booking, confirmed and arranged the Clearwater trip and pick up times, changed the transfer pick up since my flight was changed (2 extra hours! ), and have park maps of all the parks we're going to with rides we can go on and things we can do in each park marked on them.

I'm not sure what else needs to be done. I've loved planning this holiday, this past year (and a bit) has been a long, hard journey, with it's ups and downs, but it's been so much fun!

I want something else to do now, I can't sit around for 12 days doing nothing! I'll go bonkers! There must be something else, and I will find it. :)

I can't believe how quickly this has gone, just 12 days to go now!!

Friday, 25 September 2009


$1300 on my card, $150 in cash. You think I could get $550 in two weeks??

Hope so!

Stroller and fridge swap

I've written all this on my plan but just in case, I'll write it here too.

Stroller swap.
Friday 9th October: Ring HeatherSue at 8pm ish to arrange to meet to swap the stroller.
Thursday 22nd October: Ring KrisnChris and arrange a place to meet to pass on the stroller.

Fridge swap.
Sunday 11th October: Ring Gail after Seaworld to arrange to collect the fridge from their room.
Monday 19th October: Ring Bev at 8am to arrange to drop the fridge off at her room.

I have all their numbers in my phone and will have to ring them from my room at POP or a payphone or something as my phone will probably not work over there.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Getting there!

I have $1250 on my card now and $150 in cash. I'm getting paid in 2 weeks and it should be about £300 built up over the last few weeks, so that's about another $500 too. :D

I'm hoping to get another £100 from work for the second week we're out there, and about £150 ish from tax credits which will be about another $250. Excluding the extra £100 from work, that should be around $2150!! If all this stays on track that should be plenty so I'm more chilled out now about spending money.

Just got to carry on sorting our packing out, get a few extra bits from ebay and we're all set! I've packed on little case already.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Book 'Ohana again!

I had to, just look at the Polynesian resort!

I had to visit, and the kids love Lilo and Stitch too, not to mention saying bye to Mickey and Minnie on our last day. It only works out at $50 with tip anyway so it's not that much of an expense. :D

We'll be having a late breakfast/early lunch (although its still the character breakfast) on the 23rd of October, our last day, at 10:50am.

We have to get back to POP before 3pm now instead of 1 which is great so we'll have plenty of time. Packing will be done in the morning so we'll probably nip to Magic Kingdom or Epcot for an hour on the last day, then take the monorail to the Poly for our reservation.

Saturday, 19 September 2009


...I've now got $1200 on my card and $150 cash, making $1350.

I'm hoping to get quite a bit more before I go, and hopefully sort out a refund I'm due too.

It's not likely at all I'll get my money back from the fraudulent transactions before I go, but at least we'll get it back and can use it for something else after the holiday.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Getting so close now!!!!!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


...Still waiting on an investigation on my card and hoping for a miracle that I get my money back before my holiday, but until then I'm going to try to put as much as possible on my other one.

I've not got $1150 on it. I have about £200 ($300 ish) coming to me while I'm there (I should leave some in my account for bills while I'm away), and around £150 ($230 ish) from work, but hope to get more before I leave, going to work my arse off!

So that makes about $1670 minimum if I don't get my money back in time.

I'm hoping to get the chance to do a car boot too but that might not be possible so I'm also trying to cut back A LOT on my normal spending so I can put a little more away that way.

I'm still going to keep ringing fairfx and give them a sob story, keep telling them when I am due to leave and begging them to try to sort it out before then. I'll be a very happy lady if they can!

Monday, 14 September 2009

Great! Just what I need!!!!!

With just over 3 weeks to go, I've been the victim of credit card fraud! $460 has disappeared from my fairfx card!!

I've contacted them and all they could do last night was cancel my card since it was a sunday but I'll be ringing them back again once they open.

I've contacted the police, and they can't really do anything unless fairfx can't.

I've also contacted the website these transactions came from and told them to cancel any orders that might be in my name.

I can't believe this! I was panicking already about not having enough spending money and now I only have $1000 or so!!!!!

I really don't need this, I'm stressed again now wondering how we'll be able to manage if this isn't sorted out before we go. Great way to start a holiday, stressed and worried.

I can't even get a normal credit card because of my credit so whatever I save on my fairfx card is all I'll have. :(

Friday, 11 September 2009

Tickets are here!!!!!

I've just picked up our flight tickets!!! Unless there are any delays or cancellations (touch wood there aren't!), there's nothing left to stress about now.

The spending money I have right now is ok, so I'm just going to top up as much as possible over the next 3 1/2 weeks!!!!!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Everything booked now!!

Just booked the Spiderman breakfast for the 18th of October at 9am.

So nothing left to book or pay for now, just a few bits to take with us and spending money!!!!!

28 days to go now!!!!!!

Also, I changed teh T-Rex booking a few days ago. It's now on the 19th at 2:30pm instead of being on the same day as Shamu at 9pm!!

Monday, 7 September 2009

Getting sorted...

Ok, I think the spending money situation will be fine, fingers crossed, so that's one worry off my list.

I'm now getting freaked by how close the holiday is and how little I've got sorted!

Today I bought some suitcase scales so I know exactly what each case weighs instead of being charged at customs, a travel cushion for the kids, will get another so they each have one, and a new bum bag which fits everything I need in it and it's still small.

I've also got 2 cans of that mist spray in case we get too hot in the parks.

And last but not least, my passport has just arrived! I've just done my ESTA and it's been approved so we're all set to go!

I can get excited now, the biggest stresses (hopefully) are over and I just really need to pack and save as much spending money as possible and hope nothing is delayed or cancelled!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Update on my last post...

...well I've gone and cancelled the car!! I read the T+C to read up about the credit card issue and found that I had to have one in my name, and I had to have both parts of my driving licence, which I don't have (I have the card, but not the paper), so I wouldn't have been able to drive away in a car anyway.

Which is a very good thing, since I found a site ( and have booked transfers to and from the airport for a total of £90! So I've saved over £200 there!

I now have nothing left to pay on my card, and have $1650 now. So I'm very happy right now. Even if I don't add any more, that's enough for us, although I will be adding more and will be getting money once out there, so things should be fine!

And I don't have the added stress worrying about the car hire or credit cards etc. I just need to sort out what I need to pack, what paperwork I'll need and how I'm going to cope for 2 weeks away from Ben!

Getting worried...

...about spending money. I now have $1800 on my card, which would be fine if there was nothing else coming off, but the car money is coming off soon which will be just over $500.

I'm trying to save up as much as possible and keep it in my work account, then withdraw it for when I go on holiday.

I'm pretty sure I'll be fine as long as nothing else is needed from this card. I don't know the policy at the car hire place. If they take a credit imprint, that amount will be blocked until I take the car back, so I hope they'll accept my mum's card but I'm not so sure. If that is what they do, I guess I'll have to save some of the shopping we had planned for the airport!

I do get £300 while I'm out there, so I just have to make sure I put as much as possible on there between now and 5 weeks!!!! Not even 5 weeks. Going to have to work my arse off I think.

Also, I rang up about my passport yesterday since it's been 2 weeks, and they said it was sent off for printing on the 3rd, so should hopefully be here Monday! That will be the end of the biggest stress and I can get ESTA sorted then too.

I really need to get sorted now. I've got loads of stuff to print off and sort out, packing to sort out (and we have nothing so far). I've not really sorted much at all!

The countdown has really begun now, it's going to come around really quickly now!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Cancelled Teppan Edo, even though I really want to try it, as spending money is not going to be plentiful at all.

Got $1870 on my card and really need to add a lot more, since $500 is coming off for the car soon.

Still awaiting passport and will ring up on friday if it isn't here by then.