Thursday, 30 April 2009

Got passports sorted!

I have now sent the kids passports off.   The photos may be an issue because they're a little too far down, but they give a little lee way for under 6's so hopefully nothing will be sent back.  

I paid for the check and send too, so if nothing else is needed they should be here in just over a week!

Then I can get mine sorted, finally!


I got both kids photos signed and forms filled out, so I can get their passports today!

I also now have $400 on my fairfx card!  Just $2600 to go!  ;)

Friday, 24 April 2009

New Tickers!

They came!

The birth certificates have arrived.  I took Alyssa to get her photos done while Cameron was at school, so now I just need to get Cameron's picture done, then I can get them signed and sent off!

I hope Alyssa's picture will be ok, she's not looking straight at the camera! £4 they cost now! For a little tiny photo.  Mad.  

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Things I have...

Today I have picked up some suitcases from someone on freecycle.  One is a large hard suitcase, one is a smaller, but still a decent sized soft suitcase, and the other is slighter smaller than the last, and same style. 

The kids both have a little backpack each for the park so they can carry little bits themselves. 

They have a lanyard each with 6 pins on already. 

I have a bumbag with space for a water bottle, but I am also part of a stroller swap which includes a bag and bottle holders, so may not bother with that.  I may as well pack it for the days we don't use the stroller.

The rest (clothes, maybe some shoes, bits and bobs) we will buy once we get there. 

I'm waiting on the kids birth certificates this week so I can get their passports!  I might get their photos done tomorrow too so they're all ready to be signed and sent off when the certificates arrive. 

Thursday, 16 April 2009


The dollar rate is rising again, just in time!

I've added a bit more to my card, and now have $110 on after buying the photopass stuff. 

The birth certificate applications have been handed in so should get the kids certificates in about a week.   I can get their pictures done sometime next week, get them signed, then get the passports sent off!

I'll have to go through the whole thing again with my birth certificate and picture, and will probably do that in a few weeks. 

After we have our passports, I'll have to apply through ESTA, which shouldn't be a problem.   This approval will then last two years. 

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Couldn't help myself!

I went and pre-ordered the photopass CD and book. :D

This will be great, we'll get loads of family pictures with me actually in it, some 'special' shots with frames and characters and signatures etc  As well as the amazing book to keep forever!


I have just paid off my enture holiday!  Not a penny left to pay now!

I can't describe how I'm feeling.  I never actually thought I could do it, all along I thought something would come up and I wouldn't be able to afford it, but I've done it!

I have also added on the Sofitel hotel at Gatwick airport for the night before we leave.  It's a 4 star hotel with a 2 minute walk, undercover, to the airport. :D

And it's gorgeous!

So, now this blog will be focused on spending money updates, and changes to my plan.  As well as booking my ADR's, receiving tickets and leaving for the airport! 

Next on the list is the passports now.  I have the money for them,  but I need to get full birth certificates, the short ones I have won't do.  The ex said he would get them from Leicester and bring them up today but I'm not holding my breathe.  If not, I will have to go to Leicester one day next week and get them.  Then I can get their photos signed and passports sent off!

Mine too of course. 

I now have $160 on my fairfx card.  If I want to do everything I have planned without having to be stressing about money and if we have enough, I need to save around $3000.

The cost of everything, including meals, shoppings, buying things from parks, tips, snacks, and any extras, will be around $2670. 

I could cut that back quite a lot if need be, but my aim is to get $3000 on my card so I know we will have more than enough. 

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

New Itinerary

Is very likely to change, as it all depends on when I can get my preferred ADR's for, but for now here is what we're planning. 

Travel Journal

Destination: Florida
Date: 09/10/2009-23/10.2009
Travelling companions: Mummy, Cameron and Alyssa
Goal of trip: To have the best time of our lives!

Day 1, Friday 9th Oct
Breakfast at airport  
Flight at 10:20am
Lunch on plane
Arrive at 15:05
Check into POP 
Dinner at ’Ohana and Fireworks at the Poly (taxi)

Day 2, Saturday 10th Oct
Breakfast at Donald’s safari breakfast at AK (bus)
On to Animal Kingdom for the day
Dinner at Boma at AKL

Day 3, Sunday 11th Oct
Breakfast at POP
Dine with Shamu for lunch
Shamu at night

Day 4, Monday 12th Oct
Breakfast at POP
Shopping at Downtown Disney (Bus)
Disney Quest
Lunch/Dinner at T-Rex
Chill by POP pools

Day 5, Tuesday 13th Oct
Breakfast at POP
Bus to Epcot
Lunch at Coral Reef
Illuminations fireworks
Day 6, Wednesday 14th Oct
Breakfast at POP
Get picked up and taken to Clearwater
Arrive at 11:30am
Board the Dolphin Encounter boat
See amazing views and dolphins racing you alongside the boat
Arrive back at the beach 75 minutes later
Have lunch (provided)
Spend the day relaxing, shopping, exploring Clearwater
Leave at 5:30pm. Getting back to Orlando at 6:30pm
Dinner at 1900 Park fare
Clearwater Dolphin Encounter
Day 7, Thursday 15th Oct
Breakfast at POP
Bus to Typhoon Lagoon
Taxi/bus to I-Drive for some shopping
Dinner at Sizzlers/Ponderosa/Denny’s

Day 8, Friday 16th Oct
Breakfast at POP
Bus to Magic Kingdom
Lunch at Liberty Tree Tavern
Wishes fireworks
Day 9, Saturday 17th Oct
Breakfast at POP
Bus to Hollywood Studios
Lunch at Mama Melrose 
Fantasmic (preferred seating with MM dining)
Day 10, Sunday 18th Oct
Breakfast at POP
Spend day at POP, possibly Downtown Disney
Lunch at Earl of Sandwich
Back to POP and chill at resort
Dinner at Teppan Edo (bus)
Day 11, Monday 19th Oct
Breakfast at POP
Taxi to Universal Studios
Lunch at Mel’s Drive-in
Evening at POP

Day 12, Tuesday 20th Oct
Taxi to Islands of Adventure
Breakfast with Spiderman
Dinner at Café Stoo-pendous

Day 13, Wednesday 21st Oct
Taxi to I-Drive
Breakfast at Denny’s/
Visit Wonderworks, Ripley’s, Gatorland, 
Congo River golf 
Lunch at Bahama Breeze
Evening in Kissimmee
Day 14, Thursday 22nd Oct
Breakfast at POP
Tying up loose ends, finish any rides/attractions we’ve missed
Dinner at Hoop de Doo at Fort Wilderness
Drop stroller off and enjoy the show

Day 15, Friday 23rd Oct
Breakfast at POP
Back packs, leave at luggage at reception
Last day/favourite park/attraction
Lunch at the park
Leave park at 1pm
Get back to POP in time for airport transfer
Flight at 5:05pm
Dinner at airport/on plane

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Ok, so not the last payment but...

...another £50 down today!  Just £50 left to pay!  I could pay it on Tuesday, but I will most likely pay £30 on Tuesday, then the rest on Thursday!

This is because I get paid on Thursday and wanted to get something for the lovely girls at the travel agents for helping me along this journey.   I got a lot knocked off this holiday so they're not making much from me at all, but they've still gone out of their way to help, sat patiently listening to me jabber on, and have always kept me informed of any changes, so they deserve a little something. 

I can't wait to walk in with my last payment!

Friday, 10 April 2009

Next payment...

...will be the last one!

£150 went to the travel agents yesterday, leaving £100 to pay off! I should be paying it off on Tuesday! It would be today but everywhere is shut until then!

This won't be then end of the blog of course, there's still a lot to do and plan!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Ticker again...

I'm 91.8% of the way there now and should completely paid off next Thursday!

Here's my ticker;

£250 left! :D

Oh my god!!!!

I've paid off my tickets today!!!!!

I got some backpay this morning so it went on that. I will recieve my tickets within 7 days.

I'm so excited I cant sit still! Something is actually paid off, and way ahead of schedule!

I didn't even get the time to mention yesterdays change. I have cancelled the Manatee swim as, after thinking about it, I realised it would not be suitable for my children. They wouldn't appreciate what Manatee's are all about, and I can't even guarantee Alyssa would even get in the water (very cold)!

So I have swapped that with a day trip to Clearwater, breakfast and lunch included, as well as any safety gear, and we will go on a 75 minute dolphin cruise!

I have seen lots of clips of this cruise, and the dolphins 'race' the boat we'll be on, showing off at the side of the boat. It looks absolutely amazing, especially since I'll be able to take pictures, rather than clinging on to Alyssa.

Add that to the pure white sands and warm sea, with plenty to do if we want to, I think it'll be a day to remember.

I've also paid another £40 to the travel agents, leaving £250 to pay off. Total!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Big payment today!

I made a big payment of £200 to the travel agents, and £30 to the tickets today!

Which leaves me at £290 left to pay towards the holiday and £140 for the tickets!

I want to be paid off by the end of April and I'm determined to do it!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Another payment...

Another £35 pad to the travel agents today. I can't believe how much I've paid off in just over a week. The little bit extra I'm getting is making a huge difference!

£2240 paid off so far with £660 left to pay in total!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

New ticker...

A little glitch and payment...

Well, my flight was cancelled! My travel agent rang up earlier and told me. They offered to put me on the flight for the 2nd, but I can't do that because of Cameron, he would miss too much school.

So I asked her to see if they have a later flight, and after biting my nails for an hour and a half, she rang back and told me they've got me on the flight on Friday the 9th of October! Which is actually better than my previous flight, as Cameron doesn't miss too much school, and it's closer to Halloween. Almost the same flight times too which is good.

I've had to change all my tickers, ring ATD to change the date I'm leaving and I'll have to tell teh school of the change too!

While I was on the phone to ATD, I made another payment of £25, leaving me with £695 to pay, before the Manatee swim! I've decided I will add that on once the original tickets have been paid off, which is in £170 time.

£2205 paid!