Wednesday, 7 October 2009


We're leaving tomorrow!! I feel so unprepared!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

2 more days...

...until we leave for Gatwick!

I've got $1550 now and will add more onto my card on Thursday before we leave which will hopefully make it up to about 2k!

Then I've got another £200 to add on over the two weeks I'm there from tax credits so I should have about $2300 in total which is great. :)

Going to unpack and re-pack tonight to make sure we've got everything. I know a few bits I need to pack still and a few I could do with taking out, so that should be sorted tonight.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Getting closer!

Today I've worked out how much I'm estimating I'll spend.

Food, taxi's, tips and snacks have come to around $1300. I've rounded everything up though so I'm hoping it'll be less than that!

I have $1500 right now, and should have about $2100 by the end of the week :)

So everything I have left after the $1300 will be for shopping, souvenirs, buying things from the parks etc and duty free on the last day. :)

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Getting nervous

I'm getting really nervous now! I've never been on holiday without another adult before and have to make sure I don't lose 2 young children too!

I'll be dropping kids off as usual on Thursday, getting some last minute things sorted and spending some time with Ben. Then at about lunch time I'll be picking the kids up, giving them a massive lunch to last them the journey down to Leicester, then London. We'll probably leave here about 4, getting to my mum's at 5, so we'll miss rush hour by the time we get to London.

We'll check in the hotel around 8pm I'd guess and go to the airport for something to eat before saying bye to my mum and settling in for the night.

Then in the morning, we'll be up at 6am, get washed and ready and checked out early so we can catch the short bus ride to the South terminal where we'll check in. Hopefully about 7am so we'll be one of the first checked in, and with a bit of luck we may be able to request a window seat. :)

Then we'll be dawdling around the airport for 3 hours! We'll get some breakfast and see if we can find somewhere we can watch planes take off.

Then we'll get to our terminal bit around 9:30am-10am and wait to be called!

I'm hoping the kids will sleep a bit on the plane but I'm guessing that won't happen in the first half of the flight!

I've got to get some activities for them to do on the plane and keep them occupied, although there will be back seat tv's.

So that's the first part of our journey there! I'll post again soon with the rest, I've got some holiday sorting to do!

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Getting there!

Packing done (almost, just need the toiletries now which I cant pack until the day we leave) and everything confirmed.

Cameron's spots are still there but yet to see any blisters so I think we've got lucky there!

This time next week we'd have just had our first night at POP and we'll be getting ready to go to Epcot for the day. I'll probably be on the phone to Ben about now too!

Getting really excited now!

Friday, 2 October 2009


...Ok, it looks promising for Cameron. Since he was sent home from school on Tuesday he has had no blistering! Which either means it's not chicken pox, like the doctor said, or it's a very mild case.

They have faded a lot and I'm hoping the spots would have gone by the end of the weekend. If he hasn't got them then I don't have to worry about Alyssa getting them. And if she does I hope it's mild for her too so we can fly!

She seems fine though and no sign of any spots so fingers crossed it's something else!

This time next week we'll be sat on the plane (hopefully!) almost half way to Florida!

I've got to get a few more bits, boiled sweets, toothpaste, toothbrushes, higher factor suncream, and some snacks and I think that's about it.

I've got all the holiday stuff washed, they just need ironing and packing. I've got to try to figure out how to pack Alyssa's big princess dresses without squashing them. :S

We've all got summer clothes, as well as a warm outfit each. They'll both be wearing a light jacket when we go so we've got them in case it gets chilly. Swimsuits are all packed as well as snorkels for all of us. Cameron has his spiderman costume, and I need to find the top half of his Jack Sparrow outfit or that wont be coming with us!

Plane tickets, park tickets, cards, cash, daily notebook and park maps are all in my bum bag, and the folder will be going into our hand luggage, along with some snacks and something to keep the kids amused.

I've got to get another bag for hand luggage as mine is just outside the size limits! If I cant I'll have to just try my luck and hope they'll let me off the couple of cm's.

Alyssa is so close to being 40"! I don't know if they'll let her on the rides (I wouldn't take her on roller coasters or anything where the height limit actually matters), but I really want us all to go on the Spiderman ride! Well there's a few rides that have the 40" limit that shouldn't really have height limits that I would love us all to go on

Down side of going on my own is that if she can't get on, none of us get to ride. :(

Just confirmed that my landline has free international calls for under and hour (can hang up and start again) so at least I can talk to Ben every day at no cost. :)

Getting very excited again now :)

This time in 6 days, we'll be getting ready to leave for my mum's!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Major set back!!!!!

We might have to cancel! :(

Cameron has the chicken pox!

He got sent home from school on tuesday with spots. I thought they might be bites as we let the cats in the night before and Cameron had chucked his school uniform on the floor tuesday morning!

Took him to the doctors and he said he thought it was chicken pox. Since he wasn't our regular doctor, Cameron wasn't ill and the spots are not blistering I took him back yesterday. He said he also thought they were chicken pox but we'll know for sure in a day or two.

Today half the spots seem to be fading and the rest have still not started to blister more than 48 hours after the spots appeared, so I'm stuck in limbo right now!

I don't know if they are chicken pox or not, but to be safe I'm trying to keep the kids away from each other and am putting loads of Calomine lotion on him. We have 7 days to go now! if they are chicken pox they should have scabbed over by then (assuming they actually start scabbing over!!), but my main worry is if Alyssa gets them.

She has to get them today or after the holiday if we are going to be able to fly. If she gets them tomorrow we won't be allowed to go! The airline policy is that you can fly 7 days after the first spot has appeared. So Cameron will be fine.

The best thing that could happen right now is if the next time I check Cameron the spots have faded and it turns out not to be chicken pox at all! Then I can relax and start getting excited again.

Suffice to say right now I'm not excited at all, I'm just so stressed. First credit card fraud, now this...

If things come in three's, what on earth is coming next?????

I'm going to do our holiday washing and ironing today and pack them all up and hope that gets me excited again. I can't see me relaxing totally until we're actually on the plane and it's taken off!

Not a nice build up to a Florida holiday, we should be dancing around counting down the days now, instead I'm counting spots and worrying 7 days isn't enough!

Aaahhh, hopefully this time next week we would have just had a massive lunch (won't be able to eat until 8pm when we get to London) making sure everything is ready and getting ready to leave for my mum's house! Then onto the Sofitel for an early night before a very long day the next day.

Hope hope hope!!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

12 days to go!

$1350 on my card now making $1500 in total. Not so bad really. I have pretty much everything sorted now. I have packed a lot of things (not permanently, just in the case so I know what to take, still need washing again and ironing before we go), got all the documents I need, confirmed the Sofitel booking, confirmed and arranged the Clearwater trip and pick up times, changed the transfer pick up since my flight was changed (2 extra hours! ), and have park maps of all the parks we're going to with rides we can go on and things we can do in each park marked on them.

I'm not sure what else needs to be done. I've loved planning this holiday, this past year (and a bit) has been a long, hard journey, with it's ups and downs, but it's been so much fun!

I want something else to do now, I can't sit around for 12 days doing nothing! I'll go bonkers! There must be something else, and I will find it. :)

I can't believe how quickly this has gone, just 12 days to go now!!

Friday, 25 September 2009


$1300 on my card, $150 in cash. You think I could get $550 in two weeks??

Hope so!

Stroller and fridge swap

I've written all this on my plan but just in case, I'll write it here too.

Stroller swap.
Friday 9th October: Ring HeatherSue at 8pm ish to arrange to meet to swap the stroller.
Thursday 22nd October: Ring KrisnChris and arrange a place to meet to pass on the stroller.

Fridge swap.
Sunday 11th October: Ring Gail after Seaworld to arrange to collect the fridge from their room.
Monday 19th October: Ring Bev at 8am to arrange to drop the fridge off at her room.

I have all their numbers in my phone and will have to ring them from my room at POP or a payphone or something as my phone will probably not work over there.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Getting there!

I have $1250 on my card now and $150 in cash. I'm getting paid in 2 weeks and it should be about £300 built up over the last few weeks, so that's about another $500 too. :D

I'm hoping to get another £100 from work for the second week we're out there, and about £150 ish from tax credits which will be about another $250. Excluding the extra £100 from work, that should be around $2150!! If all this stays on track that should be plenty so I'm more chilled out now about spending money.

Just got to carry on sorting our packing out, get a few extra bits from ebay and we're all set! I've packed on little case already.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Book 'Ohana again!

I had to, just look at the Polynesian resort!

I had to visit, and the kids love Lilo and Stitch too, not to mention saying bye to Mickey and Minnie on our last day. It only works out at $50 with tip anyway so it's not that much of an expense. :D

We'll be having a late breakfast/early lunch (although its still the character breakfast) on the 23rd of October, our last day, at 10:50am.

We have to get back to POP before 3pm now instead of 1 which is great so we'll have plenty of time. Packing will be done in the morning so we'll probably nip to Magic Kingdom or Epcot for an hour on the last day, then take the monorail to the Poly for our reservation.

Saturday, 19 September 2009


...I've now got $1200 on my card and $150 cash, making $1350.

I'm hoping to get quite a bit more before I go, and hopefully sort out a refund I'm due too.

It's not likely at all I'll get my money back from the fraudulent transactions before I go, but at least we'll get it back and can use it for something else after the holiday.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Getting so close now!!!!!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


...Still waiting on an investigation on my card and hoping for a miracle that I get my money back before my holiday, but until then I'm going to try to put as much as possible on my other one.

I've not got $1150 on it. I have about £200 ($300 ish) coming to me while I'm there (I should leave some in my account for bills while I'm away), and around £150 ($230 ish) from work, but hope to get more before I leave, going to work my arse off!

So that makes about $1670 minimum if I don't get my money back in time.

I'm hoping to get the chance to do a car boot too but that might not be possible so I'm also trying to cut back A LOT on my normal spending so I can put a little more away that way.

I'm still going to keep ringing fairfx and give them a sob story, keep telling them when I am due to leave and begging them to try to sort it out before then. I'll be a very happy lady if they can!

Monday, 14 September 2009

Great! Just what I need!!!!!

With just over 3 weeks to go, I've been the victim of credit card fraud! $460 has disappeared from my fairfx card!!

I've contacted them and all they could do last night was cancel my card since it was a sunday but I'll be ringing them back again once they open.

I've contacted the police, and they can't really do anything unless fairfx can't.

I've also contacted the website these transactions came from and told them to cancel any orders that might be in my name.

I can't believe this! I was panicking already about not having enough spending money and now I only have $1000 or so!!!!!

I really don't need this, I'm stressed again now wondering how we'll be able to manage if this isn't sorted out before we go. Great way to start a holiday, stressed and worried.

I can't even get a normal credit card because of my credit so whatever I save on my fairfx card is all I'll have. :(

Friday, 11 September 2009

Tickets are here!!!!!

I've just picked up our flight tickets!!! Unless there are any delays or cancellations (touch wood there aren't!), there's nothing left to stress about now.

The spending money I have right now is ok, so I'm just going to top up as much as possible over the next 3 1/2 weeks!!!!!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Everything booked now!!

Just booked the Spiderman breakfast for the 18th of October at 9am.

So nothing left to book or pay for now, just a few bits to take with us and spending money!!!!!

28 days to go now!!!!!!

Also, I changed teh T-Rex booking a few days ago. It's now on the 19th at 2:30pm instead of being on the same day as Shamu at 9pm!!

Monday, 7 September 2009

Getting sorted...

Ok, I think the spending money situation will be fine, fingers crossed, so that's one worry off my list.

I'm now getting freaked by how close the holiday is and how little I've got sorted!

Today I bought some suitcase scales so I know exactly what each case weighs instead of being charged at customs, a travel cushion for the kids, will get another so they each have one, and a new bum bag which fits everything I need in it and it's still small.

I've also got 2 cans of that mist spray in case we get too hot in the parks.

And last but not least, my passport has just arrived! I've just done my ESTA and it's been approved so we're all set to go!

I can get excited now, the biggest stresses (hopefully) are over and I just really need to pack and save as much spending money as possible and hope nothing is delayed or cancelled!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Update on my last post...

...well I've gone and cancelled the car!! I read the T+C to read up about the credit card issue and found that I had to have one in my name, and I had to have both parts of my driving licence, which I don't have (I have the card, but not the paper), so I wouldn't have been able to drive away in a car anyway.

Which is a very good thing, since I found a site ( and have booked transfers to and from the airport for a total of £90! So I've saved over £200 there!

I now have nothing left to pay on my card, and have $1650 now. So I'm very happy right now. Even if I don't add any more, that's enough for us, although I will be adding more and will be getting money once out there, so things should be fine!

And I don't have the added stress worrying about the car hire or credit cards etc. I just need to sort out what I need to pack, what paperwork I'll need and how I'm going to cope for 2 weeks away from Ben!

Getting worried...

...about spending money. I now have $1800 on my card, which would be fine if there was nothing else coming off, but the car money is coming off soon which will be just over $500.

I'm trying to save up as much as possible and keep it in my work account, then withdraw it for when I go on holiday.

I'm pretty sure I'll be fine as long as nothing else is needed from this card. I don't know the policy at the car hire place. If they take a credit imprint, that amount will be blocked until I take the car back, so I hope they'll accept my mum's card but I'm not so sure. If that is what they do, I guess I'll have to save some of the shopping we had planned for the airport!

I do get £300 while I'm out there, so I just have to make sure I put as much as possible on there between now and 5 weeks!!!! Not even 5 weeks. Going to have to work my arse off I think.

Also, I rang up about my passport yesterday since it's been 2 weeks, and they said it was sent off for printing on the 3rd, so should hopefully be here Monday! That will be the end of the biggest stress and I can get ESTA sorted then too.

I really need to get sorted now. I've got loads of stuff to print off and sort out, packing to sort out (and we have nothing so far). I've not really sorted much at all!

The countdown has really begun now, it's going to come around really quickly now!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Cancelled Teppan Edo, even though I really want to try it, as spending money is not going to be plentiful at all.

Got $1870 on my card and really need to add a lot more, since $500 is coming off for the car soon.

Still awaiting passport and will ring up on friday if it isn't here by then.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Booked with Shamu!

12:30pm on the 11th of October, all booked and paid for. :D Just need to wait a week or two to book the breakfast with Spiderman and all meals are sorted!

Friday, 21 August 2009

Passport sent!

Finally, with less than 7 weeks to go now!

Paid with my fairfx card so I now have $1900 on it, with just the car to get. I'm going to add everything I can to the card over the next few weeks, no more chips or stuff I don't need for a few weeks now. I really wanted to get to $3000 but I don't think that will happen now so I'm just going to put on as much as possible!

I'll be fine with money though as I'm not spending so much on food now, and I get about $500 while I'm out there so that will bring me up to $2400 straight away, plus anything else I put on from now, excluding the $500 odd that the car payment will be of course!

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Cut backs...

I've cut some ADR's off my list. I had far too many and it was going to cost me a fortune. I'll save around $600 taking 5 ADR's off!

I'm now no longer booked at Sci-fi, Crystal Palace, Boma, Le Cellier or 'Ohana's.

I did really want to try Le Cellier, especially because it's so hard to get and I got a really good time, but it's one of the most expensive of the lot so had to get rid. Next time. :)

I'll post my new, and final, itinerary later.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Hit a few snags!

Knew it would happen!

Firstly, I've still not got my passport yet, or paid for my car. This will all have to come off my fairfx card :S

I've had a lot of unexpected bills and payments, which I've had to use my fairfx card too so I only have £2040 on my card now. Still not bad really.

I haven't been working much over the past few weeks either which hasn't helped so I need to work my butt off to save as much spends as possible.

Also, the Sofitel hotel we're staying at the night before will have the monorail closed at the time we're there. Not a major deal, we can get a short bus ride to the airport, but hopping on the monorail straight to our terminal within minutes was one of the reasons I booked the Sofitel in the first place.

So I've got $2040 on my card. $150 will be for the passport. The car money will be going onto the fairfx card anyway over the next few weeks so won't be eating into my current spending money. I still want $3000, which means I'll have to save up £800 in 8 weeks!! Not sure if I can manage that but I'll try my hardest!!

Thursday, 23 July 2009


Monday, 20 July 2009


I know it's been ages since I updated this so I think it deserves a good update!

Was ADR day last week. The online system is up and running so at 11am I was all ready. I managed to get most of the ADR's I wanted and good times for us, and a couple of extra ones I never thought I'd get!

I'm still working on my itinerary now the emh hours are out and I know where we'll be eating so I may change or add things on before we go.

So far I have;

Coral Reef
Saturday 10th Oct

Sunday 11th Oct:

Princess Storybook meal at Akershus
Monday 12th Oct

Donald's breakfast safari
Tuesday 13th Oct

Tuesday 13th Oct

1900 Park Fare
Wednesday 14th Oct

Mickey's Backyard BBQ (paid for)
Thursday 22nd Oct

Just need to wait until I can book Dine with Shamu and breakfast with Spiderman. :)

Monday, 29 June 2009


Ok, I did have £85 to pay the TA for my extra luggage, but they now owe me £14!

I've taken the transfers off and booked car hire!

14 day car hire in a Chevrolet Colbalt (or similar), 4 door, with a full tank of petrol and the young driver surcharge included, for £373! A bit more than I was quoted before but that one was a two door :S

Paid £35 deposit today so have £338 left to pay on that.

I've saved £100 from taking the transfers off so that's brilliant. Only paying an extra £273 for fully inclusive car hire which is an amazing price!

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Things will be going a little slower now...

So far all earnings have been going straight onto my fairfx card, but now I have more outgoings, so adding to my spending money is going to take longer than he has been so far.

$2700 on my card so $1300 left to reach my big target! I've actually got enough now for everything I want to do, but the more the better!

Friday, 26 June 2009

Little more...

$2650 saved up so far!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Car hire!

Until now I wasn't even considering car hire because of the under 25 surcharge. Everywhere I've looked charges around £450 for the car, then another £350 for the young driver surcharge! No way am I paying £800 for a car, that's more than the resort alone!

But I've found a site, , that has a 4 door car, all insurances, surcharge included, and a full tank of petrol for just over £350!

So I may be booking that soon. :D

Monday, 22 June 2009

Booked a meal!

Found out today you can book the T-Rex dinner 6 months in advance so I've booked it for us!

Can always change it if my other ADR's don't fit around it.

Right now, we are booked at the T-rex café on Sunday teh 11th of October at 7:30pm. Should arrive 15 minutes before.


Sunday, 21 June 2009

Little more...

$2550 on my card!

Well I've actually got $2600 but there's an issue with something I bought, so waiting for a refund.

I've also decided to book window seats for on the way there. It'll cost £70 both ways but I don't think it'll matter on the way back so will book them for the way there instead for £35.

Don't much fancy being able to watch us leaving Orlando, and we'll probably sleep most of the way back.

I can't wait to see the kid's faces when we take off, looking out of the window. :D

Friday, 19 June 2009


$2500 now on my card!

Thursday, 18 June 2009


$2350 now on my card :D


The kids passports arrived this morning!

I've applied for ESTA for the both of them and they have been approved. So it's just me now.

I've added 5k each onto our luggage both ways so we don't have to worry as much about going over on the way back, which I think we will with only 15kg each!

I also got all of our birth certificated back so I can get my passport done now.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Online dining is up and running!

I'm still going to ring so I can book the next 10 days (perk of staying onsite) and the site doesn't let you do that. That could change though so fingers crossed!

But once I'm all booked I can swap and change and add on dining whenever I like up until the week we go. :D So not as much pressure to get the reservations we want first time.

Plus, I finally got hold of my U.S reservation number! I've been trying for weeks to get it with no luck (need it to book ADR's over the phone) so I'm pleased now.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009


$2300!! Getting so close to my target now!

I rang the passport office yesterday and they said they hadnt recieved my forms, but I sent them special delivery so they should be there today for sure. They told me the kids's passports should be here in a week, maybe less, but they can't guarantee it in case loads of people apply now or something like that.

So I'm waiting for those to arrive, and I can finally do mine!

Saturday, 13 June 2009


Kids passports forms sent off again and $2250 on my fairfx card!

Friday, 12 June 2009


$2150 now on my card and our birth certificates have finally arrived!! So I'll be going to the Post office today and sending them off.

Hopefuly it won't be long before we get their passports so I can get on with getting mine sorted so we can apply for ESTA!

Less than a month till I make my ADR's!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


$2050 now on my card.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Half way there!  $2000 on my card. :D  So chuffed!!

Plus, today my ticker has moved into the 3 month mark.  3 months and 29 days but still!!

Less than one month until I can make my ADR's. :D

Sunday, 7 June 2009


Looking like a daily thing right now! I was going to wait and see if the rate went up again but figured it wouldn't make much difference as I'm adding little and often so got another $50 today. :D

Saturday, 6 June 2009

My tickers. Sooo close!!!!!



Friday, 5 June 2009


$1800 on my card now!  Yay! 

Thursday, 4 June 2009


A lot of debts paid off so I've been left with a lot more today after a big pay day :D

$1750 now on my card!  Woop!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Half way to minimum amount!

My minimum spends is $3000.  I now have $1500!!!

I have to get $3000 to be able to afford everything I want to do, go to the places I want to eat etc, but I'm still aiming for $4000.  If I can get more then even better!

Saturday, 30 May 2009


$1450  now on the card!  It's amazing how quickly that's gone up!

I'm also trying to find out my US reservation number and having all sorts of problems.  The dining reservation line has been having trouble with a lot of people right now trying to make their ADR's.  They can't find UK reservation numbers, and say they can't get hold of the US number you need to ring. 

Some have been fine with just their dates and names so hoping it's just a glitch that will be sorted before I have to make mine in just over a month!

I still haven't received my, and my mum's, birth certificates so I can send them back to the passport office.  I'll have to get on to them and see what's going on.  I should have had them by now. 

Friday, 29 May 2009


The rate has shot up this week!  $1.60 on Fairfx right now which is brilliant!

$1350 now on my card :D

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Top up

$1300 on my card now.  Should have been about $1400 but I had to get food shopping with the card this week! 

Still going up though :D Depending on what bills are coming out this week I may get another $100 on saturday. :D 

Friday, 22 May 2009


Another $100 on the card today. I was paid a day early because of the bank holiday next week!

I also have my new crocs! The flip flops aren't that comfortable really, the bit in between my toes, but the flats are heaven! I can wear them all day long!

$1200 on the card, $1800 to go minimum. $2800 target. :D

Thursday, 21 May 2009


Rate has shot up in the last few days. It's $1.5575 to the £1 right now so added another $50!

$1100 on the card now :D

Woo! Broken the 1000 mark!

I now have $1050 on my fairfx card! Over a third of the way to my minimum target, and just over a quarter to what I hope to have on there!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Money and crocs!

$900 now on my card!  Should have a grand on there on Thursday! Yay!

And Alyssa's crocs arrived this morning.  I'll take a pic later when she will agree to take them off!   I'll add Cameron's too.  

I have two more pairs coming, the non ugly kind.  One pair of flat crocs, whch look kind of like a regular high heeled shoe without the heel, and one pair of flip flop crocs.  

I can never normally wear flip flops because of the bit between your toes, but these should be comfortable. :D

I've had the kids passport forms back asking for my birth certificate and my mums to prove they are British citizens!  Which means two copies each, which will cost me about £35! 

Hopefully that will be enough and no more will be asked and we'll have them in a couple of weeks!  Then I can get on with doing mine!

Saturday, 16 May 2009


$850 on my card now, plus the $20 on my second card which has now arrived!

I have also bought Alyssa some new crocs, as the ones I bought before were fake.  I'va also got some more stylish crocs for myself!  One pair of black flat crocs, one pair or flip flop crocs.  

We should be getting them in the post this week. :D

Thursday, 14 May 2009

New savings ticker

More dollars on my card!

I now have $800 on my card!  I think I'll add another ticker with my spending money target! 

4 months and 25 days to go,  $2200 to go minimum, although I'm aiming for $4000 so we definitely won't need to worry about money at all when we're out there.  

Tuesday, 12 May 2009


I have a new camera from a lovely friend from the DIS!  So I thought I'd add a few pics of some, yes some, of the stuff I've got for Florida so far!

Minnie purse, attatched to my lanyard :D

My Mickey Mouse lanyard with my first pin, again from my dis friend :)

My crocs!  Alyssa's haven't arrived yet and Cameron's have disappeared so I'll have to post pics of them when I have them both!

Alyssa's piglet bag for the parks.  It's so tiny, she loves it!

Alyssa's lanyard with 6 pins on it.  The LOVE one has lost the back though so that won't be coming. 

Autograph books!  One each. 

Cameron's bag for the parks.  Bit bigger than Alyssa's and this one is a back pack so he loves it. 

Cameron's lanyard.  Again the back of the LOVE one came off and he's lost it. 

My Disney Folder!  It's so full with everything we need, love it!

Kids eat free card.  Free meal for one child with each adult in certain places.  

Park tickets!  Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Seaworld, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywoord studios, not to mention Disney Quest, Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard beach, Downtown Disney, World of sports...

The voucher for the Clearwater trip.  Need to ring a couple of days before to confirm the booking. 

Park maps, including Downtown Disney and Disney Quest. 

Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Another $50 dollars on my card.  I also bought another one!  Well, I say bought, it was an offer so I didn't have to pay for the card.  I loaded that one with $20 so should have that in  few days.  

I will leave that one and keep it in my folder and will hopefully never have to use it.  

The reason I've bought another one is in case I lose my current card over there.  I have no other cards and that is my only money, so I cannot afford to lose it for 3 days while I get a replacement.  

I will keep the new one in the room, and if I do end up losing the other one, I can ring up and transfer the funds to the new card.  

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Aah, still two weeks.

I wasn't able to add on an extra week unfortunately, but we still have so much planned, and it will be amazing so it's no big deal really.  We can do 3 weeks next time! 


I have $600 on my card :D

Getting there!

Monday, 4 May 2009

Got to show you hotel...

The Sofitel, the hotel at Gatwick airport we're staying in the night before our flight.  Looks stunning. 

Saturday, 2 May 2009


$550 now on my fairfx card and I've also got us all some crocs each!  Ugly things, but we'll need something super comfortable for walking around the parks so they were a must really!

Friday, 1 May 2009

More money on my fairfx card, and a change?

I have $500 on my fairfx card now.  

I'm also looking into adding an extra week on!  I rang the ta and she said, as I'm adding something, there will be no charge for changing the flight dates!

I have found a hotel on I-Drive, near Universal which is what I wanted, with free transfers to all parks for £130 for the whole week!  I'd only need a bit more spending money (although not that much, breakfast is included and the places to eat on I-drive are cheap!), so it's definitely a possibility. 

The ta cannot get hold of Thomas Cook though right now because of everything that's happening in Mexico, all airlines must be so busy right now. 

As soon as she gets through, I'll know when they have 3 week flights and can decide whether to add it or not. 

If so, I would change the dates of POP so it's in the last two weeks of the holiday rather than the first.  We'd arrive and go to our hotel on I-drive, visit Seaworld, Universal, Islands of Adventure etc without having to pay for taxis to get there.  Then we can explore I-drive and Kissimmee, again with hardly any travel costs.  We can eat at all the cheap resturants that we want to eat at while we're there. 

Then we'll move to POP and spend two weeks in Disney, and we won't need to spend money on taxis to get everywhere we want to that isn't on Disney property.  I think the savings on taxis would more than cover the extra weeks acommodation and spending money!

I just hope Thomas Cook have flights for three weeks, and at a good time.  We can't go any earlier than we already are, and I won't have Cameron missing the beginning of term.  

Fingers crossed! 

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Got passports sorted!

I have now sent the kids passports off.   The photos may be an issue because they're a little too far down, but they give a little lee way for under 6's so hopefully nothing will be sent back.  

I paid for the check and send too, so if nothing else is needed they should be here in just over a week!

Then I can get mine sorted, finally!


I got both kids photos signed and forms filled out, so I can get their passports today!

I also now have $400 on my fairfx card!  Just $2600 to go!  ;)

Friday, 24 April 2009

New Tickers!

They came!

The birth certificates have arrived.  I took Alyssa to get her photos done while Cameron was at school, so now I just need to get Cameron's picture done, then I can get them signed and sent off!

I hope Alyssa's picture will be ok, she's not looking straight at the camera! £4 they cost now! For a little tiny photo.  Mad.  

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Things I have...

Today I have picked up some suitcases from someone on freecycle.  One is a large hard suitcase, one is a smaller, but still a decent sized soft suitcase, and the other is slighter smaller than the last, and same style. 

The kids both have a little backpack each for the park so they can carry little bits themselves. 

They have a lanyard each with 6 pins on already. 

I have a bumbag with space for a water bottle, but I am also part of a stroller swap which includes a bag and bottle holders, so may not bother with that.  I may as well pack it for the days we don't use the stroller.

The rest (clothes, maybe some shoes, bits and bobs) we will buy once we get there. 

I'm waiting on the kids birth certificates this week so I can get their passports!  I might get their photos done tomorrow too so they're all ready to be signed and sent off when the certificates arrive. 

Thursday, 16 April 2009


The dollar rate is rising again, just in time!

I've added a bit more to my card, and now have $110 on after buying the photopass stuff. 

The birth certificate applications have been handed in so should get the kids certificates in about a week.   I can get their pictures done sometime next week, get them signed, then get the passports sent off!

I'll have to go through the whole thing again with my birth certificate and picture, and will probably do that in a few weeks. 

After we have our passports, I'll have to apply through ESTA, which shouldn't be a problem.   This approval will then last two years. 

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Couldn't help myself!

I went and pre-ordered the photopass CD and book. :D

This will be great, we'll get loads of family pictures with me actually in it, some 'special' shots with frames and characters and signatures etc  As well as the amazing book to keep forever!


I have just paid off my enture holiday!  Not a penny left to pay now!

I can't describe how I'm feeling.  I never actually thought I could do it, all along I thought something would come up and I wouldn't be able to afford it, but I've done it!

I have also added on the Sofitel hotel at Gatwick airport for the night before we leave.  It's a 4 star hotel with a 2 minute walk, undercover, to the airport. :D

And it's gorgeous!

So, now this blog will be focused on spending money updates, and changes to my plan.  As well as booking my ADR's, receiving tickets and leaving for the airport! 

Next on the list is the passports now.  I have the money for them,  but I need to get full birth certificates, the short ones I have won't do.  The ex said he would get them from Leicester and bring them up today but I'm not holding my breathe.  If not, I will have to go to Leicester one day next week and get them.  Then I can get their photos signed and passports sent off!

Mine too of course. 

I now have $160 on my fairfx card.  If I want to do everything I have planned without having to be stressing about money and if we have enough, I need to save around $3000.

The cost of everything, including meals, shoppings, buying things from parks, tips, snacks, and any extras, will be around $2670. 

I could cut that back quite a lot if need be, but my aim is to get $3000 on my card so I know we will have more than enough. 

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

New Itinerary

Is very likely to change, as it all depends on when I can get my preferred ADR's for, but for now here is what we're planning. 

Travel Journal

Destination: Florida
Date: 09/10/2009-23/10.2009
Travelling companions: Mummy, Cameron and Alyssa
Goal of trip: To have the best time of our lives!

Day 1, Friday 9th Oct
Breakfast at airport  
Flight at 10:20am
Lunch on plane
Arrive at 15:05
Check into POP 
Dinner at ’Ohana and Fireworks at the Poly (taxi)

Day 2, Saturday 10th Oct
Breakfast at Donald’s safari breakfast at AK (bus)
On to Animal Kingdom for the day
Dinner at Boma at AKL

Day 3, Sunday 11th Oct
Breakfast at POP
Dine with Shamu for lunch
Shamu at night

Day 4, Monday 12th Oct
Breakfast at POP
Shopping at Downtown Disney (Bus)
Disney Quest
Lunch/Dinner at T-Rex
Chill by POP pools

Day 5, Tuesday 13th Oct
Breakfast at POP
Bus to Epcot
Lunch at Coral Reef
Illuminations fireworks
Day 6, Wednesday 14th Oct
Breakfast at POP
Get picked up and taken to Clearwater
Arrive at 11:30am
Board the Dolphin Encounter boat
See amazing views and dolphins racing you alongside the boat
Arrive back at the beach 75 minutes later
Have lunch (provided)
Spend the day relaxing, shopping, exploring Clearwater
Leave at 5:30pm. Getting back to Orlando at 6:30pm
Dinner at 1900 Park fare
Clearwater Dolphin Encounter
Day 7, Thursday 15th Oct
Breakfast at POP
Bus to Typhoon Lagoon
Taxi/bus to I-Drive for some shopping
Dinner at Sizzlers/Ponderosa/Denny’s

Day 8, Friday 16th Oct
Breakfast at POP
Bus to Magic Kingdom
Lunch at Liberty Tree Tavern
Wishes fireworks
Day 9, Saturday 17th Oct
Breakfast at POP
Bus to Hollywood Studios
Lunch at Mama Melrose 
Fantasmic (preferred seating with MM dining)
Day 10, Sunday 18th Oct
Breakfast at POP
Spend day at POP, possibly Downtown Disney
Lunch at Earl of Sandwich
Back to POP and chill at resort
Dinner at Teppan Edo (bus)
Day 11, Monday 19th Oct
Breakfast at POP
Taxi to Universal Studios
Lunch at Mel’s Drive-in
Evening at POP

Day 12, Tuesday 20th Oct
Taxi to Islands of Adventure
Breakfast with Spiderman
Dinner at Café Stoo-pendous

Day 13, Wednesday 21st Oct
Taxi to I-Drive
Breakfast at Denny’s/
Visit Wonderworks, Ripley’s, Gatorland, 
Congo River golf 
Lunch at Bahama Breeze
Evening in Kissimmee
Day 14, Thursday 22nd Oct
Breakfast at POP
Tying up loose ends, finish any rides/attractions we’ve missed
Dinner at Hoop de Doo at Fort Wilderness
Drop stroller off and enjoy the show

Day 15, Friday 23rd Oct
Breakfast at POP
Back packs, leave at luggage at reception
Last day/favourite park/attraction
Lunch at the park
Leave park at 1pm
Get back to POP in time for airport transfer
Flight at 5:05pm
Dinner at airport/on plane

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Ok, so not the last payment but...

...another £50 down today!  Just £50 left to pay!  I could pay it on Tuesday, but I will most likely pay £30 on Tuesday, then the rest on Thursday!

This is because I get paid on Thursday and wanted to get something for the lovely girls at the travel agents for helping me along this journey.   I got a lot knocked off this holiday so they're not making much from me at all, but they've still gone out of their way to help, sat patiently listening to me jabber on, and have always kept me informed of any changes, so they deserve a little something. 

I can't wait to walk in with my last payment!

Friday, 10 April 2009

Next payment...

...will be the last one!

£150 went to the travel agents yesterday, leaving £100 to pay off! I should be paying it off on Tuesday! It would be today but everywhere is shut until then!

This won't be then end of the blog of course, there's still a lot to do and plan!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Ticker again...

I'm 91.8% of the way there now and should completely paid off next Thursday!

Here's my ticker;

£250 left! :D

Oh my god!!!!

I've paid off my tickets today!!!!!

I got some backpay this morning so it went on that. I will recieve my tickets within 7 days.

I'm so excited I cant sit still! Something is actually paid off, and way ahead of schedule!

I didn't even get the time to mention yesterdays change. I have cancelled the Manatee swim as, after thinking about it, I realised it would not be suitable for my children. They wouldn't appreciate what Manatee's are all about, and I can't even guarantee Alyssa would even get in the water (very cold)!

So I have swapped that with a day trip to Clearwater, breakfast and lunch included, as well as any safety gear, and we will go on a 75 minute dolphin cruise!

I have seen lots of clips of this cruise, and the dolphins 'race' the boat we'll be on, showing off at the side of the boat. It looks absolutely amazing, especially since I'll be able to take pictures, rather than clinging on to Alyssa.

Add that to the pure white sands and warm sea, with plenty to do if we want to, I think it'll be a day to remember.

I've also paid another £40 to the travel agents, leaving £250 to pay off. Total!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Big payment today!

I made a big payment of £200 to the travel agents, and £30 to the tickets today!

Which leaves me at £290 left to pay towards the holiday and £140 for the tickets!

I want to be paid off by the end of April and I'm determined to do it!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Another payment...

Another £35 pad to the travel agents today. I can't believe how much I've paid off in just over a week. The little bit extra I'm getting is making a huge difference!

£2240 paid off so far with £660 left to pay in total!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

New ticker...

A little glitch and payment...

Well, my flight was cancelled! My travel agent rang up earlier and told me. They offered to put me on the flight for the 2nd, but I can't do that because of Cameron, he would miss too much school.

So I asked her to see if they have a later flight, and after biting my nails for an hour and a half, she rang back and told me they've got me on the flight on Friday the 9th of October! Which is actually better than my previous flight, as Cameron doesn't miss too much school, and it's closer to Halloween. Almost the same flight times too which is good.

I've had to change all my tickers, ring ATD to change the date I'm leaving and I'll have to tell teh school of the change too!

While I was on the phone to ATD, I made another payment of £25, leaving me with £695 to pay, before the Manatee swim! I've decided I will add that on once the original tickets have been paid off, which is in £170 time.

£2205 paid!

Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Yep, you guessed it, another £35 made to the travel agents today! :D

Saturday, 28 March 2009

One more down...

£35 to the travel agents today. £2145 paid, just £755 to go!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Just another payment update...

ANOTHER payment today.

£35 to the travel agents, making £2110 in total paid off so far! £790 in total left to pay.

I'm so close I can taste it! I may even be able to get back on track and pay up before June, but I'm not sure. I'm only £30 behind this month. Compared to last month (£142 behind!), that's brilliant.

I've just worked out, I can add on dates to pay onto my schedule. I have 20 payments of £35 and I'll be paid off by the 16th of May if I add on just 5 extra payment days.

The tickets (including the Manatee swim) will be paid off by the 17th of June if I paid £35 a week to them.

So that's my new target. To have my whole holiday paid off in 10-12 weeks time!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


I now have an online job, so am able to pay more towards the holiday from now on!

I'm still behind because of last month, but today I paid £80 to the travel agents and £25 for the tickets!

So far I have paid £2075! Broken the 2k barrier today. I have £630 left to pay for the holiday and £195 for the tickets, not incuding the Manatee swim, which makes £382. Total (before Manatee swim) is £825 left to pay!

If I include the swim, which I may do now seeing as I'm probably going to be able to afford it, I have £1012 left.

I should be paying some more off tomorrow, then a bit more on Friday, maybe some on Saturday too, depending on what bills come out this week!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

One more down....

Another £35 to the travel agents, making the total paid £1970! I now how £930 in total left to pay!


Saturday, 7 March 2009

Woo! Broken the £1000 barrier!

Paid £35 to travel agents today so I now owe £965! Paid a total of £1935!

I have £745 left to pay the travel agents and £220 for the tickets(or £407 if you include the manatee swim, which I still don't know if I can afford yet, so not officially adding it)!

Going to try to pay a little extra than planned each time I pay and hopefully I'll still be paid off when I wanted to be.

It's getting so close now! Past the 7 month mark now too. :D

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Got to the £1000 mark! £1000 left to pay, £1900 paid so far!!

Almost two thirds of the way there now. It's getting closer, it'll be paid off soon!

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Another payment

Still lagging behind! Seriously need to catch up this month. Another £35 to the travel agent leaving £780 left to pay them. Still £235 for the tickets, before the Manatee swim! Then there's the spending money and money for all the meals I have planned. :S

It will work out in the end though. My mum is giving me $50 for my birthday next week which will pay for one meal for us, so that's great!

Grand total of £1015 left to pay, before the manatee swim. 65% of the way there now!

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Just thought I'd add this!

7 months 5 days!

It's getting so close now.

Kids passports

It has come from unfortunate circumstances (my ex mil has been made redundant) but because of this she's offered to pay to get the kids passports!

So that have saved me nearly £100 and I just need mine, then there's no more forseen obstacles ahead! I just need to pay the holiday off and hope there are no flight delays or cancellations or anything.

So I'm happy today!

Also I have a kind of online job. I say kind of because it's not regualar hours and it doesn't pay much, but it's something and every penny I earn will be going straight towards the holiday. :)

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Forgot to say...

The reservation system has changed so I now have to ring 90 days in advance rather than 180, which is on the 7th of July. It gives me more time to save up and make sure I'll have enough spending money for all the ADR's we want.

There's also talk that the new online booking system will be up before then, so I'll have to see if that will be better, or whether I should still ring. I might do both!


I've paid £1815 so far! That's shocking! I've come so far already, I can do this. :D

£25 to the tickets today (I'm actually on track with them), and £20 to the travel agents. It should have been £30 for the last few weeks but I've not managed that which is why I'm behind. If I want to get back on track I need to start paying more, as much as I can.

I now have £850 left for the holiday, £235 for the tickets, totalling just £1085!

Although.....I just couldn't resist adding something onto the tickets! I'm not including that in the total cost as I don't know whether I can afford it or not. If not I can cancel it. If I can then great, it'll be amazing.

I've not told the kids what we're doing just in case, but here's what I've added to my attraction tickets direct ticket order (much cheaper than the site I'm about to link to).

Swim with manatees!

I'll replace the second day at Seaworld for this. I did say I didn't know whether we were going to go again, and we should be able to see everything we want at Seaworld in one day, so we don't even lose a day, plus we get the food included with the swim/snorkelling so it'll save about $100 that day for our food alone. :D

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Need to catch up!

I'm getting behind now. This month has been awful with money, my car has needed a lot to fix it and still needs some more, bills are madness...just a very bad month for money right now.

So I'm behind. Not the end of the world, after today I'm still about £50 under. I have paid £50 today meaning I have £1130 total left to pay. £260 for the tickets and £870 to the travel agents. I've paid £1220 so far towards the holiday and £550 for the tickets, making £1770! I can't believe I've managed even that.

Looking at the balances seperately makes it easier to see the end!

61% of the way there!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Payment, ticker and pics of a few restaurants.

£18 paid today to round off the numbers! £1720 paid so far in total. £260 left on tickets, £920 left on the holiday making £1180 left to pay in total!

Also, I've been having a look online for pictures of the places I want to eat, so I'll post them here.

Cafe stoo-pendous in Universal's Islands of Adventure.

Dine with Shamu!

Sci-fi theatre restaurant in Disney Hollywood Studios.

Cinderella's Royal Table in the Castle in Magic Kingdom.

Mel's Drive-in in Universal Studios.

POP Century food court.

Disney Quest in Downtown Disney.

Donald's Safari breakfast in Tusker house in Animal Kingdom.

T-Rex in Downtown Disney.

Teppan Edo in Japan in Epcot.

Coral Reef in Epcot.

Boma in Animal Kingdom Lodge.

There are more places to eat but I couldn't find any decent pictures of them tonight! I can't wait to take some myself!