Saturday, 26 July 2008

Woo hoo!

I said before on my other blog that I won £50 this week on online gambling! Never done it before and won that! I'd guess most people win the first time they play so they're under the illusion that it's easy, but I won't be falling into that trap.

Anyway, it turns out I won more than that! I checked my bank balance this morning and it was £90 more than it was yesterday! Checked online and sure enough it's all come from the gambling site.

So, being as I wouldn't normally have that money, therefore wouldn't really miss it, I've topped up my fairfx card again! The rate wasn't as good as the first time I topped up ($2 to the £) but still, by far, the best around at $1.9650 to the £! So that got me around $175 which brings my total up to over $255!

Not bad after only recieving the card last week. I also got my pin in the post this week so I can now check my balance without needing t'internet or wasting credit on my phone.

I'm going to really enjoy watching the $$$ up more each week. The beauty of the exchange rate is that even if I only top it up with £15, I'll have nearly $30 dollars added to the card. Makes it even better seeing your money double just like that! lol

If I want to go around the 21st of October 2009, I'd guess I'll need to book by around the end of August, lets say the 26h. Which means I have around 56 weeks to save up before then.

If I could manage to save £30 a week (which should be manageable if I don't buy any more take-aways, books, and random crap I always seem to come out of the supermarket with!) I'll end up with £1680, which would be about $3360! Add on the $255 I'll already have will make $3615.

That should be plenty enough for the holiday and some spending money, and the 8 weeks after I can book I can save more for spending money too! 8 weeks at £30 is another £240/$480 spending money. So totalling about $4095 all together.

Plus, that doesn't take into account any change I have in my, pretty full, change jar which will be transferred onto the card. Then Christmas and my birthday where I'll ask for money instead of presents and transfer it. Then anything I sell on ebay...etc

I think we'll be fine! Only time will tell. I'm determined to do something amazing for my kids for once. They don't get much, they deserve the magic of Florida. That thought is always in the front of my mind, I don't see how I could possibly let it slip through my fingers.

My car will be on ebay soon too! It's a load of crap, but it should sell for spares and repairs. Guess where the money from at will be going...

Till next time...

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