Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Got to add...

My ticker, to follow how much I've paid so far, and how much is left.

With 52 weeks to go exactly today, 40 weeks until the holiday payment deadline, and 46 weeks until the tickets have to be paid, I am nearly a third of the way there! 28.55% to be exact!

That's the total cost, not including spending money and ADR's (which will be paid for with spending money).

Not bad considering I only booked at the end of August! Only 7 weeks ago.

If I keep this up, I will still be fully paid up by the end of April! Leaving 23 weeks to go until we're in Orlando.

I just hope I can get the ADR's I want. On the 9th of April (180 till we leave) I will have to ring at exactly 12pm (7am their time when they open) and try to book all ADR's in the first 10 days asap. Apparently, by 12:05pm. all booking for 180 days in advance will be taken. :S

If I don't get what I want then, I should ring back at quarter past, in case some people have had a few people ring for the same booking and cancelled the double bookings they no longer need.

If I still don't get the one I want, I should just keep trying, hoping for a cancellation.

One good thing is, because I'm staying in a Disney Resort, I can not only book 180 days in advance, but also for the next 10 days. So if I go with a restuarant that's not too difficult to get into on the first day, I should be able to book the ones that are really hard to get (Cinderella's castle for example) for a few days later.

Things may change by then though, and there is talk of being able to book online. I'm not sure how that would work, what with thousands of people trying to book for the same day.

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