Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Aaaaand another. :D

The holiday balance is down to £1300 now, with the remaining balance on the tickets at £530.

£1830 left to pay in total, £1147 paid so far. :)

I'm going to start sorting out ADR's again soon. There are so many fantastic places to eat I'm having trouble trying to decide which ones to get rid of. :(

I also need to be clever about when I eat where, as I will be able to book 10 days of ADR's on the first day (another bonus of staying in a Disney Resort) so I may try to book the CRT first on day 5 or something, book the hardest ones first at whatever days they are available, and then book the ones that are not so hard to book, working around the difficult ones.

38.6% of the way there now! With over 11 months to go! :D

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