Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Pictures from Florida 2000!

Aaaggghhh! T-Rex!

The drop at the end of the Jurrassic Park ride

Universal Studios floor fountain. Ian...

My mum...

Me... (it won't let me load Marc's for some reason)
Me, Ian, and Marc infront of the famous Universal Studios ball

Jaws. Can you spot the shark?

MGM studios, now known as Disney Hollywood Studios

The pool at our hotel on I-Drive

Tower of Terror! Love this ride!

Brilliant funny game at Wonderworks

Big bubbles at Wonderworks...

We didn't tell Marc this was the splash zone for the Jurrassic Park ride!

Ripsaw falls, great flume ride

These signs are everywhere in Islands of adventure, Toon island I think

Rock 'n' Rollercoaster, brilliant ride

I'm not sure where this was! Anyone?

Marc in the stocks in Kissimmee

Ripsaw falls again, big drop!

A few more random ones...

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