Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Money and crocs!

$900 now on my card!  Should have a grand on there on Thursday! Yay!

And Alyssa's crocs arrived this morning.  I'll take a pic later when she will agree to take them off!   I'll add Cameron's too.  

I have two more pairs coming, the non ugly kind.  One pair of flat crocs, whch look kind of like a regular high heeled shoe without the heel, and one pair of flip flop crocs.  

I can never normally wear flip flops because of the bit between your toes, but these should be comfortable. :D

I've had the kids passport forms back asking for my birth certificate and my mums to prove they are British citizens!  Which means two copies each, which will cost me about £35! 

Hopefully that will be enough and no more will be asked and we'll have them in a couple of weeks!  Then I can get on with doing mine!

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