Friday, 1 May 2009

More money on my fairfx card, and a change?

I have $500 on my fairfx card now.  

I'm also looking into adding an extra week on!  I rang the ta and she said, as I'm adding something, there will be no charge for changing the flight dates!

I have found a hotel on I-Drive, near Universal which is what I wanted, with free transfers to all parks for £130 for the whole week!  I'd only need a bit more spending money (although not that much, breakfast is included and the places to eat on I-drive are cheap!), so it's definitely a possibility. 

The ta cannot get hold of Thomas Cook though right now because of everything that's happening in Mexico, all airlines must be so busy right now. 

As soon as she gets through, I'll know when they have 3 week flights and can decide whether to add it or not. 

If so, I would change the dates of POP so it's in the last two weeks of the holiday rather than the first.  We'd arrive and go to our hotel on I-drive, visit Seaworld, Universal, Islands of Adventure etc without having to pay for taxis to get there.  Then we can explore I-drive and Kissimmee, again with hardly any travel costs.  We can eat at all the cheap resturants that we want to eat at while we're there. 

Then we'll move to POP and spend two weeks in Disney, and we won't need to spend money on taxis to get everywhere we want to that isn't on Disney property.  I think the savings on taxis would more than cover the extra weeks acommodation and spending money!

I just hope Thomas Cook have flights for three weeks, and at a good time.  We can't go any earlier than we already are, and I won't have Cameron missing the beginning of term.  

Fingers crossed! 

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