Sunday, 4 October 2009

Getting nervous

I'm getting really nervous now! I've never been on holiday without another adult before and have to make sure I don't lose 2 young children too!

I'll be dropping kids off as usual on Thursday, getting some last minute things sorted and spending some time with Ben. Then at about lunch time I'll be picking the kids up, giving them a massive lunch to last them the journey down to Leicester, then London. We'll probably leave here about 4, getting to my mum's at 5, so we'll miss rush hour by the time we get to London.

We'll check in the hotel around 8pm I'd guess and go to the airport for something to eat before saying bye to my mum and settling in for the night.

Then in the morning, we'll be up at 6am, get washed and ready and checked out early so we can catch the short bus ride to the South terminal where we'll check in. Hopefully about 7am so we'll be one of the first checked in, and with a bit of luck we may be able to request a window seat. :)

Then we'll be dawdling around the airport for 3 hours! We'll get some breakfast and see if we can find somewhere we can watch planes take off.

Then we'll get to our terminal bit around 9:30am-10am and wait to be called!

I'm hoping the kids will sleep a bit on the plane but I'm guessing that won't happen in the first half of the flight!

I've got to get some activities for them to do on the plane and keep them occupied, although there will be back seat tv's.

So that's the first part of our journey there! I'll post again soon with the rest, I've got some holiday sorting to do!

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