Thursday, 1 October 2009

Major set back!!!!!

We might have to cancel! :(

Cameron has the chicken pox!

He got sent home from school on tuesday with spots. I thought they might be bites as we let the cats in the night before and Cameron had chucked his school uniform on the floor tuesday morning!

Took him to the doctors and he said he thought it was chicken pox. Since he wasn't our regular doctor, Cameron wasn't ill and the spots are not blistering I took him back yesterday. He said he also thought they were chicken pox but we'll know for sure in a day or two.

Today half the spots seem to be fading and the rest have still not started to blister more than 48 hours after the spots appeared, so I'm stuck in limbo right now!

I don't know if they are chicken pox or not, but to be safe I'm trying to keep the kids away from each other and am putting loads of Calomine lotion on him. We have 7 days to go now! if they are chicken pox they should have scabbed over by then (assuming they actually start scabbing over!!), but my main worry is if Alyssa gets them.

She has to get them today or after the holiday if we are going to be able to fly. If she gets them tomorrow we won't be allowed to go! The airline policy is that you can fly 7 days after the first spot has appeared. So Cameron will be fine.

The best thing that could happen right now is if the next time I check Cameron the spots have faded and it turns out not to be chicken pox at all! Then I can relax and start getting excited again.

Suffice to say right now I'm not excited at all, I'm just so stressed. First credit card fraud, now this...

If things come in three's, what on earth is coming next?????

I'm going to do our holiday washing and ironing today and pack them all up and hope that gets me excited again. I can't see me relaxing totally until we're actually on the plane and it's taken off!

Not a nice build up to a Florida holiday, we should be dancing around counting down the days now, instead I'm counting spots and worrying 7 days isn't enough!

Aaahhh, hopefully this time next week we would have just had a massive lunch (won't be able to eat until 8pm when we get to London) making sure everything is ready and getting ready to leave for my mum's house! Then onto the Sofitel for an early night before a very long day the next day.

Hope hope hope!!

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