Friday, 2 October 2009


...Ok, it looks promising for Cameron. Since he was sent home from school on Tuesday he has had no blistering! Which either means it's not chicken pox, like the doctor said, or it's a very mild case.

They have faded a lot and I'm hoping the spots would have gone by the end of the weekend. If he hasn't got them then I don't have to worry about Alyssa getting them. And if she does I hope it's mild for her too so we can fly!

She seems fine though and no sign of any spots so fingers crossed it's something else!

This time next week we'll be sat on the plane (hopefully!) almost half way to Florida!

I've got to get a few more bits, boiled sweets, toothpaste, toothbrushes, higher factor suncream, and some snacks and I think that's about it.

I've got all the holiday stuff washed, they just need ironing and packing. I've got to try to figure out how to pack Alyssa's big princess dresses without squashing them. :S

We've all got summer clothes, as well as a warm outfit each. They'll both be wearing a light jacket when we go so we've got them in case it gets chilly. Swimsuits are all packed as well as snorkels for all of us. Cameron has his spiderman costume, and I need to find the top half of his Jack Sparrow outfit or that wont be coming with us!

Plane tickets, park tickets, cards, cash, daily notebook and park maps are all in my bum bag, and the folder will be going into our hand luggage, along with some snacks and something to keep the kids amused.

I've got to get another bag for hand luggage as mine is just outside the size limits! If I cant I'll have to just try my luck and hope they'll let me off the couple of cm's.

Alyssa is so close to being 40"! I don't know if they'll let her on the rides (I wouldn't take her on roller coasters or anything where the height limit actually matters), but I really want us all to go on the Spiderman ride! Well there's a few rides that have the 40" limit that shouldn't really have height limits that I would love us all to go on

Down side of going on my own is that if she can't get on, none of us get to ride. :(

Just confirmed that my landline has free international calls for under and hour (can hang up and start again) so at least I can talk to Ben every day at no cost. :)

Getting very excited again now :)

This time in 6 days, we'll be getting ready to leave for my mum's!

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