Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Got to get back on track...

According to my calcualtions, I'm £23 behind schedule. Last week was a very skint week with all the months bills coming out at once. So I've got to try to add on £23 to my payment plan this month to even it out and get back on track by the end of the month hopefully.

Still, the plan I worked out was made to allow weeks like this every month and still get paid up in plenty of time, so although I'm behind on MY payments, I'm actually well and truly ahead according to the due date.

I could go a whole month without paying a penny and still be ahead, although I won't have as much spending money then, so I' m going to stick with it as closely as I can.

I feel weird going into the travel agents to give them such a small amount, but if it'll get me back on track, I'll be happy to give them small change whenever I have some left over at the end of each day. It alls adds up, and that £23 should be paid off in no time!

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