Wednesday, 18 February 2009


I've paid £1815 so far! That's shocking! I've come so far already, I can do this. :D

£25 to the tickets today (I'm actually on track with them), and £20 to the travel agents. It should have been £30 for the last few weeks but I've not managed that which is why I'm behind. If I want to get back on track I need to start paying more, as much as I can.

I now have £850 left for the holiday, £235 for the tickets, totalling just £1085!

Although.....I just couldn't resist adding something onto the tickets! I'm not including that in the total cost as I don't know whether I can afford it or not. If not I can cancel it. If I can then great, it'll be amazing.

I've not told the kids what we're doing just in case, but here's what I've added to my attraction tickets direct ticket order (much cheaper than the site I'm about to link to).

Swim with manatees!

I'll replace the second day at Seaworld for this. I did say I didn't know whether we were going to go again, and we should be able to see everything we want at Seaworld in one day, so we don't even lose a day, plus we get the food included with the swim/snorkelling so it'll save about $100 that day for our food alone. :D

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