Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Forgot to say...

The reservation system has changed so I now have to ring 90 days in advance rather than 180, which is on the 7th of July. It gives me more time to save up and make sure I'll have enough spending money for all the ADR's we want.

There's also talk that the new online booking system will be up before then, so I'll have to see if that will be better, or whether I should still ring. I might do both!

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Jane said...

Hi Gem,
Thanks for replyig to my post on 'Orlando for little ones' and letting me know about the kids eat free card.
Love your blog. Just had a read and think I may look into the swim with the Manatees. I LOVE Manatees!!
Thought I'd let you know before you book your ADR for Cinderellas table. On our last trip in Nov/Dec we were fortunate to get a last minute reservation when we booked the trip a few months before travel. We had to ring about 10 times and managed to get a booking just as someone else was cancelling!! Anyway to cut a long story short the reservation was for 2.25pm which is MUCH later than we usually eat there (12 ish) and it was the best thing to happen. The whole experience was SO much better, As it was the end of the lunch 'shift' many of the diners had already left it was so much quieter. The princesses spent double the amount of time they usually do with the girls and came back several times. There was so much more space for them to have pictures/use camcorder etc. I always find character meals quite stressful as you can never relax as you are constantly looking out for next charcter/getting camera ready etc etc but this was lovely.
Also did princess meal in Norway which was also great (better than Park Fayre) and they got a photo package with Belle...just incase you can't get your Royal Table Reservation. Again we did this around the same time.
When I book in future I will always book last sittings.

Hope this helps a little.