Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Oh my god!!!!

I've paid off my tickets today!!!!!

I got some backpay this morning so it went on that. I will recieve my tickets within 7 days.

I'm so excited I cant sit still! Something is actually paid off, and way ahead of schedule!

I didn't even get the time to mention yesterdays change. I have cancelled the Manatee swim as, after thinking about it, I realised it would not be suitable for my children. They wouldn't appreciate what Manatee's are all about, and I can't even guarantee Alyssa would even get in the water (very cold)!

So I have swapped that with a day trip to Clearwater, breakfast and lunch included, as well as any safety gear, and we will go on a 75 minute dolphin cruise!

I have seen lots of clips of this cruise, and the dolphins 'race' the boat we'll be on, showing off at the side of the boat. It looks absolutely amazing, especially since I'll be able to take pictures, rather than clinging on to Alyssa.

Add that to the pure white sands and warm sea, with plenty to do if we want to, I think it'll be a day to remember.

I've also paid another £40 to the travel agents, leaving £250 to pay off. Total!

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