Wednesday, 1 April 2009

A little glitch and payment...

Well, my flight was cancelled! My travel agent rang up earlier and told me. They offered to put me on the flight for the 2nd, but I can't do that because of Cameron, he would miss too much school.

So I asked her to see if they have a later flight, and after biting my nails for an hour and a half, she rang back and told me they've got me on the flight on Friday the 9th of October! Which is actually better than my previous flight, as Cameron doesn't miss too much school, and it's closer to Halloween. Almost the same flight times too which is good.

I've had to change all my tickers, ring ATD to change the date I'm leaving and I'll have to tell teh school of the change too!

While I was on the phone to ATD, I made another payment of £25, leaving me with £695 to pay, before the Manatee swim! I've decided I will add that on once the original tickets have been paid off, which is in £170 time.

£2205 paid!

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