Saturday, 18 April 2009

Things I have...

Today I have picked up some suitcases from someone on freecycle.  One is a large hard suitcase, one is a smaller, but still a decent sized soft suitcase, and the other is slighter smaller than the last, and same style. 

The kids both have a little backpack each for the park so they can carry little bits themselves. 

They have a lanyard each with 6 pins on already. 

I have a bumbag with space for a water bottle, but I am also part of a stroller swap which includes a bag and bottle holders, so may not bother with that.  I may as well pack it for the days we don't use the stroller.

The rest (clothes, maybe some shoes, bits and bobs) we will buy once we get there. 

I'm waiting on the kids birth certificates this week so I can get their passports!  I might get their photos done tomorrow too so they're all ready to be signed and sent off when the certificates arrive. 

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