Sunday, 14 September 2008

386 days! 54 weeks! Only 3 and a bit weeks to go until it's less than a year away!

Woohoo! The days are going by quite quickly. I think it was 412 when I booked and that only seems like a week ago.

I'm sure it'll come round before I know it, and the week before we go will be full of stress and worrying that I've forgotten something, so it'll still end up in a rush, no matter how far in advance we book!

I'm still so excited! I only need to hear the word 'Florida' or 'Disney' or any word related to our trip and I feel like jumping for joy.

I have my letter back from the school head saying it's fine for Cameron to take the time off school. It won't be the full 2 weeks, as Cameron's school, fortunately, has two weeks of half term in October, so finishes a week before everyone else. :D

Perfect, as he won't miss much, especially with it being the last week of school, where they normally focus on fun and parties rather than work, and it means all future trips will be cheap, as everyone else will be in school, he'll never have to have more than 5 days off, and the parks will be emptier then any other time we could go.

He did say I would have to fill in another form nearer the time lol. I know it was early, but at least they know now, I just need to take the form he gave back and send it in and he'll record it.

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