Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Another payment made...

Another £20 off my tickets has been paid today, and this week I've paid £50 for the holiday to round it down to £1600 left to pay!

I'll try to do that every week if I can. It'll mean it'll be paid off earlier, I'll see a bigger difference every time I pay, and I'll have more spending money!

I worked out if I can manage to pay £50 a week, then in 43 weeks time, I'd have paid off the holiday and will have £550 left over for spending money!

Then another 12 weeks to save for spending money! If I stick at the same amount, that will be £600! Plus the £550, will be £1150.

PLUS, the tickets will be paid off at the end of April, so if I continue saving the £20 a week I'm paying them from that date, I'll have another £500! Totalling £1650!

That sounded very complicated lol. Basically, I have 56 weeks to save £1600 for the holiday and £669 for the tickets and spending money. Total of holiday including tickets is £2269. £70 a week (£50 for holiday and £20 for tickets) for 56 weeks is £3920.

Take away the holiday and tickets, that will leave me with £1651 spending money!

Plenty of spending money to spend on ADR's, passports, stuff for suitcase and of course shopping while we're there!

Obviously that's the best case senario though. Something to aim for. I probably won't be able to pay that much every week, but even if I pay £50 a week instead of £70, I'll just about pay for the holiday in June, and can then save for spending money for the next 12 weeks.

I won't do that though, the minimum I'll pay a week, unless something huge stops me, if £60.

Then there's stuff I sell on ebay to factor in, car boot sales, birthday money, christmas money, etc.

And if my dead beat ex ever decides to get off his bum and get a job and gives me any money, every penny of that will go towards the holiday. That will be the kids spending money and character breakfasts for them.

I can't wait! I feel so strange. I really enjoyed handing over £70 today! I love paying this holiday off. I wish I felt like that will all bills!

I asked the travel agent to get me a preferred room at POP, but she said I will probably have to ring and ask myself, as they don't get reservations till a couple of weeks before we go. I'll have to check that out, because I really want to stay in the 60's section.

No big deal if we can't though, I don't care, we'll be in Florida! Even if I'm in the furthest room from the lobby and buses, we'll get to enjoy a scenic walk through the resort every day, when most people won't even see the rest of the resort apart from their bit.

Only 397 more days, 56 more weeks, 13 more months, until we're taking a dip in this very pool, enjoying the sunshine. :D

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