Friday, 5 September 2008

Change to dining...

...well after reaslising it's a lot of money to pay for food, I'm trying to get rid of a few and am struggling!

I've asked on the DIS and they've all been really helpful, but obviously all have different opinions so I'm just going on the ones most people seem to dislike.

So far, I've got it down to;

* Coral Reef dinner (around $40)
* Dine with Shamu (around $60)
* Breakfast at Donald's breakfast Safari in AK (CM) (around $41)
* Pirates dinner adventure (PAID)
* Late lunch at Mythos (around $45)
* Dinner at T-Rex cafe (around $50)
* 'Ohana's Breakfast (CM) (around $41) at the Polynesian Resort
* Arabian Nights dinner (PAID)
* Character breakfast at THE Castle! Cinderella's Royal Table (around $80)
* Chef Mickeys for breakfast (CM) (around $41)

That makes about £250 instead of£500! And I've still go the main ones I wanted (Cinderellas Castle, Shamu and Coral Reef).

If another ADR catches my eye, I'll swap one of the others.

We won't see as many characters, but we'll see the princesses and Mickey and his gang, so that's all that matters!

If the kids (or me lol) are desperate to see other characters, we'll have to find them in the parks.

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