Sunday, 7 September 2008

Maybe not.....

It sounds like most of the ADR's are payable after your meal, so I don't need to have all the money ready for when I ring to book!

Some of them, like CRT and Shamu, need you to pay in advance, so that's not too bad.

Obviously I have to find out which ones have to paid upon booking, and which I can book without worrying about having enough.

At least then, I'll be able to pay for them out of our spending money, which I won't start saving for until June (too late to book by then) and if for some reason I can't afford it, I can just ring before we leave the UK to cancel so somebody else can take our place.

Even so, I still don't think I'll do all of the ones I mentioned due to a lotof people giving bad feedback about them, but I'll probably change them with some I hadn't thought of and have brillinat reviews!

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