Saturday, 5 September 2009

Update on my last post...

...well I've gone and cancelled the car!! I read the T+C to read up about the credit card issue and found that I had to have one in my name, and I had to have both parts of my driving licence, which I don't have (I have the card, but not the paper), so I wouldn't have been able to drive away in a car anyway.

Which is a very good thing, since I found a site ( and have booked transfers to and from the airport for a total of £90! So I've saved over £200 there!

I now have nothing left to pay on my card, and have $1650 now. So I'm very happy right now. Even if I don't add any more, that's enough for us, although I will be adding more and will be getting money once out there, so things should be fine!

And I don't have the added stress worrying about the car hire or credit cards etc. I just need to sort out what I need to pack, what paperwork I'll need and how I'm going to cope for 2 weeks away from Ben!

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