Monday, 7 September 2009

Getting sorted...

Ok, I think the spending money situation will be fine, fingers crossed, so that's one worry off my list.

I'm now getting freaked by how close the holiday is and how little I've got sorted!

Today I bought some suitcase scales so I know exactly what each case weighs instead of being charged at customs, a travel cushion for the kids, will get another so they each have one, and a new bum bag which fits everything I need in it and it's still small.

I've also got 2 cans of that mist spray in case we get too hot in the parks.

And last but not least, my passport has just arrived! I've just done my ESTA and it's been approved so we're all set to go!

I can get excited now, the biggest stresses (hopefully) are over and I just really need to pack and save as much spending money as possible and hope nothing is delayed or cancelled!

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