Saturday, 5 September 2009

Getting worried...

...about spending money. I now have $1800 on my card, which would be fine if there was nothing else coming off, but the car money is coming off soon which will be just over $500.

I'm trying to save up as much as possible and keep it in my work account, then withdraw it for when I go on holiday.

I'm pretty sure I'll be fine as long as nothing else is needed from this card. I don't know the policy at the car hire place. If they take a credit imprint, that amount will be blocked until I take the car back, so I hope they'll accept my mum's card but I'm not so sure. If that is what they do, I guess I'll have to save some of the shopping we had planned for the airport!

I do get £300 while I'm out there, so I just have to make sure I put as much as possible on there between now and 5 weeks!!!! Not even 5 weeks. Going to have to work my arse off I think.

Also, I rang up about my passport yesterday since it's been 2 weeks, and they said it was sent off for printing on the 3rd, so should hopefully be here Monday! That will be the end of the biggest stress and I can get ESTA sorted then too.

I really need to get sorted now. I've got loads of stuff to print off and sort out, packing to sort out (and we have nothing so far). I've not really sorted much at all!

The countdown has really begun now, it's going to come around really quickly now!

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