Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Amazing site!

Ok, scrap all that I've posted yesterday! The DIS has come through again and shown me!

I've entered everything I want, and it has come up with a whopping 3000! For flights, accomodation, car and kids free dining cards for 2 weeks! Plus car insurance and all taxes.

Hang on, I missed the currency symbol. :P $3000!

So all that for just over £1500!!!!! My jaw is still on the floor!

Within a week, I should be getting my money back after IS bodged up, plus tax credits this week and next, so in 7 days or less I could have $1250 on the card! With over a year to go, I'm almost half way there!!!!!

This has been a flush week though, what with back pay and scrapping my car, so no big amounts like this will be going on the card again, but come on! Saving $1750 (£900) in a year shouldn't be too hard!

I'll most definitely give up a Wii *sob* for xmas and ask for dollars instead, same for my birthday. That should help a lot with spending money.

Oooooh, it feels like it's really happening now!!!!! I just hope to god the prices don't dramatically increase in one year!

And I can pay it ALL with dollars, so can use my FairFX card! I was losing hope that I couldn't pay for flights with it till I found this!

I'm so excited! I'm actually going back to the World, and will be able to see my childrens faces when they first go to MK. They so deserve this. I'm so glad I'm going to be able to do this for them.

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