Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Well, since the US dollar is getting stronger by the day, todays rate, 1.87 (!!!!!) is most likely going to drop at least a penny every day, so I'm now rethinking how I pay for the holiday.

I have just over $500 on the card so far. I hope my backpay money is sorted after lots of kerfuffle and should get that money by the end of the week. I will try to put as much as possible on the card, knowing now it's sorted that I'll be getting £50 more a week than I have been getting for the last 10 weeks.

After the initial load (hopefully £400), I think I will leave the card alone. I'll have around another $750, as long as the rate doesn't plummit too much, which will make $1250.

I can use that as spending money.

I'll then save my little heart out and put as much money as possible, whenever I can, into my ISA, which will also add interest.

I can pay most things in pounds (I can also pay for most things with dollars if I need to), but I think I need to pay for the photopass in dollars. Or at least it'll be easier and cheaper, although if anyone on the DIS is up for a photopass share that's even better!

So, unless the rate miraculously jumps again, which is very doubtful, the new plan is to pay for the flights, accomodation and car with pounds, with the money that will go into my ISA.

Depending on the prices, I may buy the park tickets in dollars, but only if it's significantly worth it.

I'm also re-thinking booking late. I've just been on the Virgin site for about 2 hours, and although it's the only site I've looked at today, their prices only differ £100 going this october or next october.

If I can find a price remotely close to the £1500 I quoted before then I'll book now. If not I'll wait.

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