Friday, 15 August 2008

The booking...

This is the booking I've found. Still there so far!

Holiday locator number: TCH-******* Holiday Locator Number:

Make a note of this code. It allows you to find your holiday quote when returning to this website or contacting our call centre.

Staying atPop Century Resort, Wdw Resort,
Florida (Sanford)

3 star
Room Only
14 nights

Your price includes2 x Adult £2,466.00

3 x Fuel Supplement £120.00

2 x Transport Supplement £38.00

3 x Atol Protection (Apc) £3.00

1 x Compact Car (1-3 Pax) £0.00

Your holiday price: £1,911.00
Includes online discount of: -£716.00
Please pay today: £303.00

FlightsGoing out
Airline: Thomas Cook Airlines
Depart: Gatwick 06 October 2009 09:55

Arrive: Florida (Sanford) 06 October 2009 14:30

Coming back
Airline: Thomas Cook Airlines
Depart: Florida (Sanford) 20 October 2009 17:15

Arrive: Gatwick 21 October 2009 07:00

Sounds brilliant doesn't it???

The deposit will be paid for by some of my backpay, then I only have to save £1608 in over a year! Not bad. I have $505 spending money already so far.

I'll have to buy photopass, max £50. Might get in on a share.

Since this date is too late for free DDP, I could pay for that for just over £200 for all of our meals and snacks, including character breakfasts for the whole holiday!

I'll need a bit more spending money (will be opening a bank account for kids soon and try to give them both a fiver a week, which will end up around $500 each, and I won't need much more what with the food being sorted, so about $500 more for me will do) and park tickets, which will come to around £250.

Total cost for holiday (minus spending money as that's what kids get spent on them every week anyway, and I'll sell stuff on ebay and ask for money instead of presents for xmas for mine) will be £2411. Taking away the deposit I will have in a week or so makes £2108! Around £35 a week to save.

I've been living off £50 less a week than I will be next week, so I won't even notice that money going!

Not bad at all!

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