Saturday, 9 August 2008


There is now $505.01 on the card! I couldn't round it up this time lol.

I'm waiting for the post now, hoping I get my backpay! I've got a feeling I won't get it until next week. If I don't get it today, I'll ring up and nicely tell them to hurry up, I've waited 10 weeks already, I'm not waiting any longer.

So, I'm a 6th of the way there for the actual holiday, a bit less for spending money too.

I should be almost half way there (approx. $1300) when I get that much needed giro! All that in less than a month! About 25 days I think. :O

I'll be planning on selling a few things I don't want on ebay too. I wonder if you can put money on the card via paypal?

I doubt it. I have got quite a bit to sell too so can hopefully get another $100 on, maybe more!

I have a few more ideas up my sleeve too... :D

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