Sunday, 3 August 2008


My Fairfx card now has $305 on it. Still not that much but getting there quite quickly! If everything goes well, I should be able to put another £350 on by the end of the week!

Almost $700. So may reach the $1000 mark! And I've only had the card a few weeks.

If I can manage that, I'll have no more worries about being able to afford it for next year.

Right ok, I need to figure out where we want to go and when.

We HAVE to go to Magic Kingdom. I really want to go to Universal and IOA, but I know the kids will only really be able to go in the childrens area. They'll get on a couple of great rides (Spiderman! Simpsons!!!!!), but is that worth the money?

I REALLY want to go back there though and go on the Simpsons ride, so will try my best to have enough.

I want to do MGM as well, Seaworld, and Epcot, (not too good for kids, but Cameron will love the worlds, and his teacher will love me for teaching him about the world!) so a Disney pass will be worthwhile. I'd want one day in each Disney park, and maybe a second day in MK, so may get a 5 day pass each.

I want to go to Wonderworks and Ripleys again, and I've never been to Skull Kingdom or Gatorland, so that is on my list. Those are far from the pricey places to go so I'm sure we'll fit them all in in one day.

If I can manage it, we'll go to US and IOA for a day each.

I'm really hoping I will have enough for at least one character meal too, although that may be a problem if I'm booking late. You normally need to book at least 90 days in advance, so if I do that, I'll have less choice of flights and deals when I book.

I could always book 2 or 3 (say, one on the day of expected arrival, one in the middle and one on the last day) and cancel if need be, in the hope that at least one will be within the 2 weeks we end up going.

Although, looking at the flights and packages available now for this October, it doesn't look like I'll have a problem booking for the days I want, I just might not get the cheapest deal.

So if I go for the 5 day Disney pass each (£151, £133, £133 for 7 day park hopper, valid for 14 days at MK, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, MGM, Typhoon lagoon, Blizzard beach, indoor themepark, Downtown Disney and sports complex), Wonderworks, Ripleys, Gatorland and Skull Kingdom ( around £120 for 3 of us), Seaworld (£35, £30, £30 for 2 days), that will come to around £632 (about $1200).

So adding that to the flights and accomodation I mentioned before (can't remember exact figures) it would come to approximately £2430 (approx. $4700).

Then all that is needed will be some spending money.

I may investigate ebay with the park tickets. Ask around on the DIS who are reliable to buy from so we're not disappointed. That should work out a lot cheaper. As of today I'm about a 15th of the way there! Hopefully by the end of the week I'll be nearer a quarter of the way!

I could of course not buy any tickets and just pay at the gate when we feel like going somewhere. It might actually work out cheaper, as if I do that, wouldn't be going to Epcot, Animal Kingdom, or all of the 4 on I drive, so that would knock a few hundred off.

I will just have to keep planning suppose! Oh diddums! (yay!!!!!).

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